What are
Safe Guardians?

Safe Guardians are active members of the Safe community, who use their powers to contribute positively to the ecosystem.

Safe Guardians join us in the fight against painful UX and shady security practices in Web3. They align with our vision to drive the adoption of smart contract accounts, and have verifiably proven their commitment to this vision.

Our next mission

As Gnosis Safe launches the safeDAO and SAFE token to become an independent community-owned public good, our next step is to retroactively reward initial Guardians with soon-to-launch SAFE governance tokens.
50,000,000 SAFE tokens (5% of supply) will be rewarded to these superhuman contributors. This is our thank you for their hard work and commitment to creating a more secure and accessible Web3 for all.

Join the forces

Becoming a Guardian

We are now opening up applications so we can fairly reward all Gnosis Safe ecosystem contributors for their previous contributions.

Application rules

Anyone who previously contributed to the Safe ecosystem is free to apply and become a Guardian! No matter if it was merging a PR, creating an educational tutorial or developing a tool.

Document the contributions

Document the contribution(s) you’ve made to the Gnosis Safe ecosystem in the application, and submit for review.

Get rewarded!

Our internal council will review each submission, validate the previous contribution and assign a reward.

SAFE tokens will not be given by default. Only those who have verifiably contributed will be allocated tokens and assigned as a Guardian. They will also be entrusted with a ‘Guardian’ role within our Discord!

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How else can I get involved?

Join the conversation in our Discord or start a proposal on the Gnosis Safe Forum.